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What's stopping you from making this retail period your most successful yet?

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What's stopping you from making this retail period your most successful yet?

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Outbrain’s Smartads For Your Goals


Highly targeted audiences who choose to watch the video

Higher completions and conversion rates with interactive features



Animated ad experience that boosts your performance goals

Up to 114% higher CVR



Storytell with multiple creatives and spotlights

Showcase several products and offers to drive consideration


Native Awareness+

Highly viewable & brand safe

Exclusive placements

Supports social, display and video formats


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for the 2021 Holiday Shopping Season 

The days of basing your Black Friday strategy entirely off past year’s data are over.

Our global consumer survey highlights the digital path to purchase under rapidly changing societal norms, and connects retailers and brands to consumer intentions.

Insights based on a survey of over 8,000 consumers worldwide across

61% of shoppers say watching a video about a product is important to their purchase decision.

Ads that meet personal interests and feel trusted are the top-2 factors for engagement.

52% of shoppers say speed of delivery has greater influence over free/discounted shipping.

How Native Advertising Fits The Retail Shopping Experience

The power of Outbrain for retailers and brands:

Engagement-focused platform built to drive sales and conversions at your target ROAS and CPA

Advanced targeting capabilities based on interests, attributes, and audiences

Native, in-feed ad experiences that cut through the noise and win real attention

Highly trusted editorial environments for brand safety and reputation

Ability to reach incremental audiences outside of the walled gardens

Connect with over 1 billion monthly unique users on the open web via placements across premium media properties

Insights From Black Friday to Christmas

Outbrain’s proprietary data on timing, performance, and creative best practices for the big days on the retail calendar.

Seasonal Performance Strategies

Carousel, Clip, and more innovative ad experiences that drive brand consideration and activation.

Consumer Trends to Drive Action

Direct consumer feedback about shopping habits and intentions, to make the best connections between your brand and shoppers.

Stand out for the major shopping days of the year!

Success Stories

180% peak ROAS

14K conversions in 4 months

+34K new users reached

45% cost per session

+40% higher lifetime value

80K bottles sold

4.7x ROAS

-25% CPA vs. target goal

Outbrain is a leading recommendation platform for the open web. Our technology enables one-third of the world's online consumers to discover new things through recommendation feeds on their favorite media and connects advertisers to these audiences to grow their business.

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