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Outbrain + GDPR =Trust + Transparency

Are you #GDPReady?

We’d hate to lay the pressure on, but you only have this long to get #GDPReady.

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GDPR in a Nutshell

Otherwise known as the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR is Europe’s way of strengthening and unifying data protection for all individuals within the European Union. One of the biggest data protection movements we’ve seen yet. While it’s technically protecting European citizens only, this is a wake up call for us all. Reduced data with expiration dates is the new reality.

As of May 25th (when GDPR officially comes into effect), our compliance alarms will go off. And as if this wasn’t already a high-stakes situation, let us quickly remind you of the GDPRamifications: up to 4% of your annual company revenue or a cool €20 million, if you’re found to be noncompliant — no big deal, right? Okay, maybe a little bit.

Deep breaths! GDPR is a fantastic step in the trust and transparent direction. Keep that in mind when you’re elbows deep in data cleanup.

End goal = happy customers (who trust us most!).

Our Compliance Alliances

We’re better (and stronger) together. 

Alliance alignment to the GDPRescue!

From the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Europe to the
Network Advertising Initiative, we’ve aligned with the advertising
dream team to ensure collective data protection for all.

Our Trust + Transparency Breakdown

How could we exclaim “compliance!” without proving our own GDPR readiness?

To put it simply, we’re truly embracing GDPR. We understand the importance of data security and transparency of our customers, our customer’s customers, and even ourselves as customers. 

And this goes beyond GDPR, and is a part of our larger Trust + Transparency initiative.

We’re GDPR-compliant. Let’s break down exactly what that means. 

Advertisers + Publishers

The bread and butter of Outbrain, and what makes our content-driven world go ‘round. While Outbrain works towards our own GDPR plan, each and every publisher and advertiser that we work with has their own GDPR initiatives — and may choose initiatives made at their own discretion...

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Readers are tracked through a simple ol’ unique identifier, otherwise known as a UUID. Regardless of whether the publishers or advertisers decide to implement a (content) consent tool, the end readers can opt-out of personalized Outbrain recommendations at any time…

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Previously + Currently Interested

We take data very seriously. To take it a step further, we’ve added even higher security  measures of how we host and maintain data. Everything from basic data cleaning after periods of no contact to restructuring our  privacy policy .

Let’s face it, not everyone has a legal degree (and that’s okay!) — we’ve broken down all of the jargon into layman's terms, making them easier to read and digest.

Outbrain + GDPR =
Trust + Transparency

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Readiness for Publishers

Data Protection, Amplify
Readiness for Advertisers

Interested in Your Interest Profile?

Outbrain is the genuine connection between the publisher, the advertiser, and the consumers in-between. 

We’re most known for the recommendations you see throughout articles you’re reading. But have you ever wondered how those recommendations were served to you?

That’s the fun (algorithmic) part. Helping you to discover what’s most interesting to you — content you may not have discovered yet.

Driving trust + transparency, you can now view your Interest Profile.

By clicking “View My Profile” below, you’ll see just how we tailor these recommendations, based on your true interests, and your device and browser types.

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Pick Our (Out)brains

At the end of the day, we’re data-loving marketers too! 

We feel the GDPR pains as well (and even write about it!).

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Test Your GDPR Knowledge

Test yourself before you wreck yourself! 

Okay, it’s not that serious, but hey — we’re making light of a stressful situation. 

Might as well take a moment away from the GDPR madness to test how much you really know about the data movement of the century.


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