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The Outbrain data is pulled from our global media network and analysed to extract consumer content consumption behaviors that inform your digital marketing efforts.

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When is the right time to kick-off your Christmas campaign?

Outbrain data unveils when consumers start to show interesting in Christmas content and how their interests evolve in the months running up to December…

Outbrain Affinity Insights – Uncovering Discovery moments across the content spectrum


Outbrain’s affinity index uncovers Discovery moment across the content spectrum, revealing the range of users true interests.


Top Beauty Content Trends

What should marketers be pushing month by month to get the maximum attention from beauty content seekers?

Four Trends Completely Changing the Way We Consume Content


Brands who can leverage these content trends in a smart and effective way will be the most successful as we enter a new decade.


The Global State of Content Marketing

View a snapshot of top content marketing trends and news headlines from some of the world's key markets.


Trust is Everything: Highlights From Our Unconscious Content Bias Report

The Unconscious Content Bias report provides some much-needed insights on the types of content and environments that consumers find the most trustworthy and interesting.

Performance Report

Brand Strategies

Check out the best practices and examples of discovery that have seen major success for international brands.

Research Report

Online Consumer Behaviour

What do we get up to online Download this research report to discover consumers' content consumption trends that can help inform your digital marketing strategy.

DHL Report

Online Consumer Behaviour

See how DHL Freight worked with Outbrain’s Discovery platform to reach a qualified audience, and use content to drive actions.

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Israel Attracts Tourists with Outbrain’s FOCUS, the New Video Discovery Product

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Travel and Hospitality


Health & Fitness

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Fashion / LifeStyle

Outbrain Drives 36% Higher Average Order Value

Fashion / LifeStyle|Conversions


How Do Audiences Consume Content in Asia Pacific?

The study analyses some of the key facts, figures and trends on how people are consuming online content in the region.


Mother's Day vs. Father's Day: Battle of The Page Views

Content creators can be so fair to parents! But when looking at page views across network and per article, we uncovered, maybe not too fair.


Can You Predict The Future of Branded Content? [Quiz]

Are You a Content Marketing Trend Spotter?
How well do you understand the tech that is shaping the future of content marketing?


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Fashion BrainPower Video

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